Lou Humphrey

Louis Humphrey is the CEO of Big Score Entertainment LLC and BSE Recordings, an Independent record label based out of Connecticut. Humphrey is no stranger to the entertainment industry. He grew up knowing and loving music. He forged his way into the industry as a musician and songwriter. He contributed to many hits that were released in the 80’s and 90’s along with songs placed on movie soundtracks.

Louis was empowered by his father to face all situations head on and that is just what he did. When the opportunity knocked, Louis answered by writing one of the biggest hits of 1990 entitled, “Do Me Again” by Freddie Jackson. And it was that song that won Lou his 1st ASCAP award.

Along with success, Louis also faced many challenges in the dealings of the corruption within the eye of the music business. He experienced the good and the bad. He persevered and continued in the industry writing for artists such as Lilo Thomas, Paul Laurence Jones, James Ingram, and SWV just to name a few.

Taking a break from music to re evalute his future, Louis decided he wanted to take his experiences and all the knowledge he gained and pass it on to other artists. That’s when BSE Recordings was formed which has put Louis right back in the game, but this time in a partnership and ownership of his own label.

Richard A. Vona

Richard A. Vona, Partner of Big Score Entertainment, LLC, an Independent record label based out of Stratford, Connecticut. Richard A. Vona says, “this business venture is exciting and will open the door to many future entrepreneurial opportunities.”

Richard A. Vona attended Pace University specializing in business. He says he has always been inspired by his family when it comes to making the decision to open your own company instead of working for a company. His inspiration to partner in business with Lou Humphrey was entered out of pure respect for Lou’s music career and vision.

Richard A. Vona loves Italian Opera but appreciates all types of music and is extremely excited about Big Score Entertainment’s first R&B artist Arika Kane’s release of her single CD, Why Did We Fall In Luv.

Alan Jones

Alan Jones, Songwriter/Producer & CEO of Trakfarm, the production entity of Big Score Entertainment, LLC based in Raleigh Durham North Carolina. Alan Jones has worked with Lou Humphrey early in their careers writing and performing as part of the band, “Image.” They often teamed up together to perform shows with childhood friend Bernard Jackson, who later became the voice of the hit group “Surface.” After several years of being apart; 2004, Alan and Lou Humphrey reunited and began writing together again with singer/songwriter artist – known as “Kmelz,” based out of the state of Connecticut. Alan Jones credits also include being a co-writer on Freddie Jackson’s’ hit single, “Do Me Again” which received Freddie Jackson a gold record and an ASCAP Music Award. Alan also co-wrote the song titled “Act Like That” which was on the soundtrack of Russell Simmons movie, Waist Deep, starring, Tyrese Gibson, the Game and Meagan Good. Lou Humphrey & Alan Jones as songwriters have always been known for their soulful ballads and infectious grooves.

CEO Louis Humphrey says, “Alan is a great asset to Big Score Entertainment, LLC and a major driving force to the success of the company.”

Arika Kane

Arika Kane has majorly contributed to the BSE and it’s road to what it is today. Not just by being a national recording artist with numerous of musical achievements, but by being hands on in building the label on several aspects in it’s beginning stages.

Arika Kane is not just an artist, but a songwriter, producer and business woman. With over 8 years of experience, Arika Kane is well versed in numerous aspects of building projects from the ground up.

Kane is a main component in the A&R and creative department of BSE Recordings. She is also a successful songwriter and producer.

Kane is a main component in the A&R and creative department of BSE Recordings. She is also a successful songwriter and producer.

Kane is an expertise in branding consulting, and works in the marketing & promotions department of BSE Recordings.